Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's tough to stay updated

With colds, work, travel, and everything else in life it can be hard to keep a blog or diary updated.  It's especially difficult when D/s thoughts are not at the forefront of the brain.  Today is an exception to that as I woke up in mood.

MBB got up very early today to get things done at work.  That was part of the reason I couldn't sleep, but the main reason was all the naughty stuff going through my mind.  It was like a switch flipped this morning for some reason.  I am thinking that since I started working out again and started eating more/better, my testosterone must be rising.  Apparently not working out and eating very little or crappy causes testosterone to drop quite a bit.  It probably also has something to do with my last orgasm being 13 days ago as listed on the right side of this blog page.

Here is some of the stuff that was running through my mind.

Last week I traveled out of town.  I had been fantasizing that MBB would have tied me down (or up), and gave me a good beating on my ass.  That way my entire trip I would remember it every time I sat down, especially in an airplane seat.  I had also fantasized about her packing my underwear for the trip.  MBB and I had talked in the past about using panties as cum towel that would eventually find it's way in my mouth as a gag. This morning I replayed what that would have looked like in my mind and wished I had the balls to ask for that before I left.

A recurring fantasy has also been about being tied up in uncomfortable, stressful ways.  Ways that would make me wish I wasn't tied up (if that's at all possible).  Being put in the stocks in heels keeps running through my mind, and for some reason this morning I thought about having the ring gag in my mouth at the same time, drooling all over embarrassingly.  I also think about predicament bondage where I get to choose what happens, and both options suck.  When MBB and I first met, I put her in a predicament position with the legs in the air tied to a string above her with clothespins on her nipples.  She had to choose when her legs hurt enough to pull the clamps.  It was hot!

I have also been thinking about a long teasing session where every time I tell MBB I am about to cum she causes some sort of pain to me.  A hit to the balls, removing a nipple clamp, a rubber band snapping my skin.  Something that would bring me back from the edge and frustrate me that I couldn't cum either.

And as always, femme ideas some into my mind whenever I go this long without cumming.  There is something about wearing taboo items that escalates the process.

Back to work...


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