Monday, February 27, 2017

Back From A Hiatus

A whole bunch of life happened again which has taken around 3 weeks to handle.  First off started with Mistress and I in an argument.  It got heated enough for us to require some distance.  Unfortunately when that happens I get very insecure.  When I get very insecure my submissiveness goes out the window.  Since my collar wasn't locked on, I removed it.  Also, as insecure as I was I couldn't bring myself to muster up the humiliation that it takes for me to dress feminine as I am required to do.

Now we likely could have handled this in a very quick fashion, likely with me having to pay a price for me stepping out of my role on our relationship.  However less than 48 hours later, we had a family emergency come up that required me to leave town for an unknown amount of time.  The distance did us good as being apart reminded us how much we need and want each other.  Mistress also came to visit me for a few days.  When she did she proceeded to tease and deny the fuck out of me before bed each night.  I went from zero libido to super worked up until I came home.  I spent my remaining days reading stories of guys locked in cages and locked in chastity while edging myself.

Cage story - 7 parts -

Chastity story - 6 parts -

When I did come home, I got some mail I had been expecting.  A new chastity device and a prince albert lock.  I have been practicing with the device the last couple days and it seems better than my plastic device.  Time will tell however, as I sourced these from cheap Chinese companies.


Last night Mistress and I had sex.  Mistress told me we were going back to how it was, with me collared, dressed feminine, wearing perfume, my nails painted and me under stricter control.  She told me that I will indicate my willingness by putting on my collar when I am ready.  She also added that we would be adding some additional protocols, starting with me serving her coffee in the morning instead of merely getting it staged.  I begged to be required to kneel at her feet occasionally, but she said that does nothing for her.  I'm not going to list any ideas here as I don't want to top from the bottom.  I want to serve her in ways that make her happy and be more under her control.

As of right now, I have my device locked back on.  If Mistress allows I will try my first overnight in it.  I have also put my collar out, and I included the key with it.  Having it locked on prevents me from pulling off my collar when I get insecure and it puts me back in the proper head space sooner.  Just thinking about wearing feminine clothes again has my libido up and running.  I am dying to be Mistress' sissy slut again.    

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